Customizable Murano Glass Jewels

“Green Earth” Bracelet


The elegance and beautiful colors of this Murano Glass bracelet really adapt to any and all outfits.
Every authentic Murano Glass bead was handcrafted in Venice, Italy, through artisanal lampworking
The marriage of a traditional technique, sustainable materials, and telling colors of the beads make this bracelet a “statement” piece: I want the future to be Green.

See the color chart in the gallery

This handmade Murano Glass bracelet was created entirely in Venice, Italy.

All beads were crafted in Venice using the traditional torching technique and from authentic Murano Glass.

The bracelet’s thread is elegant and extremely durable. It is a waxed, synthetic thread, usually used for artisanal shoemaking.

The bracelet’s size is adjustable and can adapt to all wrists.

The beads  are full beads, resistant to shock. They can be worn without worry

Size of the beads:
The diameter of the beads is 1,5 cm (0.6")

Length of the composition:
The beads cover 12 cm (4,7") of the bracelet’s length.

Total weight of 34g (1.19 oz.)

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