Our Story

Two of the main challenges of our time are overtourism and climate change,


Since 2015, Venezia Autentica has been working on creating a new tourism system, looking to transform the industry into a driver of sustainable development where visitors, residents, and destinations truly benefit.


We’ve started our work in Venice, Italy, the poster child of unsustainable tourism.

Our focus has always been on increasing the satisfaction of travelers and making sure that they have an authentic experience by spending their time and money at local businesses that benefit the local community.
This benefits the local economy, community, heritage and environment as we encourage responsible consumption and production.


To help the small businesses and especially the local artisans further, and delight people even when the cannot come here, we’re launching an e-commerce, allowing people everywhere in the world to bring genuine, handmade, unique crafts to their door.
As we are committed to sustainability, we couldn’t feel good about shipping products, even sustainable products around the world, without offsetting the carbon footprint of shipping. This is what we will be doing here.
We can’t wait to see our impact and forest grow!

A Note From Our Founders

We’re working on what we chose to call ‘Venezia Autentica™’, its our attempt at ‘saving Venice‘ by saving the Venetians, leveraging the international attention and love for the city.
Venice is quickly being killed by mass tourism and it is not possible to count on the public administration alone to change things fast enough. The existing organizations trying to save Venice focus on saving the monuments, the arts and are doing a great and important job at it, but no one is trying to ‘save the Venetians’. However, Venice without Venetians is not Venice but a theme park doomed to die as only the Venetians have the knowledge to maintain the city, its traditions, and its lagoon.

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